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A Day In Our Life - December

December 1903

A census of people attending church was taken. The morning service had 55 men, 82 women and 104 children. The evening service had 67 men, 162 women and 78 children. This made a single Sunday attendance of 548.


December 1678

From the marriage register of St Mary, Bromley St Leonard, we see that William Denon - a gardener to Mr Roberts - marries Elizabeth - a black woman.


December 1941

The church has been closed for seven months after being bombed, but now the eastern two-thirds are opened for worship.


21 December 1557

John Harman, a gentleman usher of the Queen, is married to Dorothy Gwydott, a widow from Southampton.


25 December 1935

At Holy Trinity Church, as well as the usual Christmas service, there were seven weddings.