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A Day in Our Life - July

1 July 1838

The Rev John Stork preached a sermon on the Coronation of Queen Victoria that had taken place on 28 June. He was one of the curates in the parish and was married the next year.


July 1888

The match girl's strike took place in this month in 1888.


July 1988

Jeremy Young, the Rector of Bow Church, resigns after a debate about homosexuality in the General Synod.


25 July 1278

William Cole was gathering sheaves in his field when Parish Clerk, John, stole two of them. William complained. He was set upon by John, Richard - the Chaplain to the Prioress of St Leonard's - and another John - John de Scheld. He was carried in a very badly beaten state into Bow village, and then taken to London where he died. The culprits disappeared.