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A Day in Our Life - November

November 1826

Margaretta Brown in her will leaves £1,400, the interest on this sum to be given to the Rector and the Parish Clerk who are to distribute it to children who attend church and are catechized. It is not to be given to "those who beg for bonfires or throw squibs or crackers by which persons are frequently injured and sometimes killed by their horses taking fright."


7 November 1896

From the East London Observer, referring to Bow Church:


"It appears that the fabric is in such a dilapidated and dangerous condition as to be past all repair and the only hope of preserving the memory of the hoary edifice is to erect a new building."


17 November 1311

A licence is issued for a chapel of ease in St Dunstan's, Stepney parish by Bishop Ralph Baldock, "unam Capellam in vico Regio vocato Stratford". The chapel does not appear to have been built straightaway. Presumably, the site and the money had to be found.


20 November 1701

"Madam Prisca Coborn widow and brewer buried. She lyes in the church by the front dore. She lyes upon her mother 4 foot deep. The deceased did desire that she might never be Dissturbed."